GRAPHIC Exhibition: 2009 Annual Report


This exhibition is about the 4 issues of GRAPHIC published in 2009. Complementing the function of this journal by presenting the actual subjects that were once printed in a real space, the main purpose of this exhibition is to make the readers’ experience multi-dimensional.
What this exhibition "reports" is more a symbolic commentary about the context of GRAPHIC rather than a documentation of its activity. Also through this exhibition, GRAPHIC hopes to re-evaluate the past issues and broaden its sight by listening to the readers’ opinions.

GRAPHIC has been written bilingually in Korean and English since 2009. The themes have been expanded toward more general interests of young graphic designers around the world.
For GRAPHIC, “bilingual” doesn’t only mean the editorial direction but also imply the making process and its communication with the readers, inwards and outwards.

2010.02.18 ~ 02.28 11AM~7PM